Something New

I have switched my writing from to this site, because I my writing interests have changed.

I hope to start a podcast and write a book about the philosophy of the Bible, and I will post the materials here as I work on them. 

I've been privileged to be able to teach some philosophy at the undergraduate level (though I am far from an expert) and serve as a teaching pastor at the same time. I have always found an overlap between my classes and my sermons, and would like to develop the Big Idea of the Bible, using the terms and categories of philosophy. 

Anyway, I would appreciate the feedback of anyone who finds themselves here. I need it.



  1. Whew! I just went to the blogspot site you previously set up for this....and it was gone. I was afraid that you disappeared altogether on us.

    Still looking forward to reading your thoughts. It sounds very interesting.

    1. Hi Ruth; I am glad you made it over. Transferring the domain from bluehost to google was trickier than I thought.

    2. Daniel, where have you gone. I cant access your new site. Sue Dumbrell

    3. Sue, if you see this, Daniel is now at


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